unearthed treasures meticulously dug and reworked into bold, earthy jewelry by the brainchild of rework is none other than artisan, toni johnson. since 2006, soulful songstress turned devoted designer continually fed her creative spirit thru melting a harmonious blend of precious metals, raw gems and textiles alike producing an organic fusion of the native wild west meets soulful bohemian wildchild. traveling across the globe and spending time in nature, toni's native home is literally wherever she travels. no boundaries and no territory uncharted can stop this pioneer as she continually sharpened her technical skills as a seamstress, metalsmith, hand-tooling, as well as furthering her education and passion in gemology.

seven years later, rework emerges into an eclectic collection with a wild indigenous vibe reminiscent of artifacts having surfaced from long ago, rediscovered, and are now consistently breaking the mold of uniformity and redefining individuality. the soundtrack of mother earth herself plays out in each collection, ranging from the ‘down home' bluesy notes in the distressed leather medicine bags and pouches to the saturating soulful feel of bold, ethnic stone necklaces and warrior arm cuffs to the simple sweet sounds played thru delicate earring dusters and crystal clusters.

rework is a rare jewel in the fashion industry not only because of its stance on preserving our Mother Earth by using recycled, sustainable materials whenever possible but also fueled by toni's passion to educate the masses on the healing properties and purposes of each stone and crystals used.

rework prides itself in providing superior handmade goods designed with the best quality materials and stones unearthed, personable and friendly customer service and satisfaction.

already having a firm foundation of a loyal, boheme tribe nation by its side, the g.e.m is quickly spawning into a global cult following, as it sings to the free-spirited souls of those craving the raw nature the g.e.m delivers from ‘the gifts Earth makes' for us.

with love, rework creative